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FINMA.ch List of unauthorised Companies

Mar 16, 2017 by

We have just been informed that we have been maliciously mentioned on yet another site that allows anonymous postings, hence anyone can say or imply what they want with impunity.

This seems to have some credibility but only at face value, in light of the link to  www.finma.ch.  Parmafey is listed, as it is not regulated in Switzerland.  It should be noted that Parmafey has never at any point claimed to be regulated in Switzerland, and at the time was unaware that having an admin office could imply such a thing. As soon as this was realised we closed the office services. Parmafey does not have any clients resident in Switzerland, does not market in Switzerland.

FINMA states on its site ” The fact that a company is on FINMA’s warning list does not automatically mean that its activities are unlawful. Their entry in the list does, however, highlight the lack of authorisation. The companies and individuals in question will be removed from the list once FINMA has completed its investigations and taken any appropriate measures”. 

We have contacted FINMA in order to get the process resolved.

We are unsure how the FINMA link ended up on a site that targets boiler rooms??

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