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Alternative Investment

What Is an Alternative Investment?

Any type of investment which is different than stocks, bonds and cash is considered as an alternative investment. The aforementioned three main categories of assets we also name as traditional investments. According to the more wide understanding of the term alternative investments, in the group of these financial instruments is included broad variety of investments, Read More


Offshore Trusts and Asset Protection

Although the controversial treating of offshore trusts, they still can be suggested to be a rational instrument for asset protection. Offshore trusts are inherently as all stereotypic trusts. The only difference with the classical understanding of trusts is that they are defined under the laws of an offshore jurisdiction. Offshore centres are popular as places Read More

Pension Transfer

The pension transfer is an option which you may consider. Remember, that if you decide to leave your current pension scheme, all your benefits which you have built up will still belong to you. It depends entirely on you whether you will leave these benefits where they are or you will take further steps to Read More

Your Pension as a Cash Lump Sum

Your Pension as a Cash Lump Sum

From April this year all people who decide to open their pension pots will have a possibility to take their whole pension pot as a cash lump sum. Before you consider whether to do it it may be good to weight the strengths and weak points of a such decision. In addition, although the democratic Read More

Delicious pension pot

Delicatessens which your pension pot may offer you

It depends on you how delicious will be the delicatessen food from your pension pot. Further more, you are able to govern how often and how much you will take portions from this golden pot. Those who have defined contribution schemes are building up their pension pots over ears. Usually, they are arranging the payments Read More


What are the “ingredients” in your pension pot?

Your pension pot consist of four main components. Each of them influences the size of your future pension. Although, two of these factors are entirely managed by you, giving you the choice to ensure not only basic but the required by you funding of your after retirement life. These are your contributions and investment return. Read More


First 3 facts which you should know about the pension reform in UK

Before you consider is it worth to transfer your pension or if you consider only changing of your pension scheme, it is good to know some basic facts about the pension reform in UK. First three essentials are: – What is the aim of the pension reform in UK? – Who will be directly affected Read More